Trying to work out logistics for a potential give away

Basically what you would win is a personal photographer (me) for DCI prelims or Open Class finals or MCGC state finals or if you lived in the metro Detroit area or lansing area we could do a photoshoot. If you won and you end up not marching or something you could gift it to another person. I would meet up or FaceTime you before hand so that I can figure out where you’ll be on the field/floor and then follow you around with my camera for the entire show getting cool action shots. Or if you live on this side of michigan we would meet up at a park or something. I just need to know if people would be interested in that?


Anonymous asked:

can you post pic of the oregon crusaders

sarahmaskill answered:

I think this was suppose to go to my other blog so I’m just going to reblog it there.

I wish I could! Sadly I did not go to any shows where OC performed and I only post pictures that are my own. Saw the show on fannetwork and was blow away, so I can imagine it was even better in person. You should check out marchingartsphotos though!